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This has got quite a few people baffled...New rebuilt put into a 97 SLS and it has a miss at idle, actually an intermitent one above idle too. I took it to a dealer for the fuel rail recall and had them take care of the SES, but they are at a loss. Here's what they told me. The scanner says the back bank is reading as a miss, but the front bank doesn't change when an injector is unhooked, unhooking the back causes a definate change. It's leaning out at idle but gets better with a few more hundred RPM's. Coils and injectors checked out, the ohms on the injectors were a little over 12. They tried a couple O2 sensors, didn't do it, tried an ignition module they had brought in, didn't do, and didn't charge me for it. They did find a couple grounds connected in the wrongs spots, one was the ig mod i think. Wires checked out I think (installer used a timing light, independent installer) and i watched the dealer put a small light on the injector wire near the plug.(noid?) It only showed a misfire code, but now after that has a ton of em in the history. They're thinking something got fried from the grounds being mixed up. One of the mechanics there said it wasn't coming off of open loop. So I'm wondering if it could be an O2 ground, maybe the PCM? Would injectors check out okay but still stick? What about spray pattern? One side of all 4 coil packs?Any ideas? Many thanks!
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