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'97 Seville STS rear shocks: F45, FE3 & FE1

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MODEL: '97 Seville STS.

GOAL: Replace rear shocks for '97 STS with used shocks having identical features. Inquiring about whether other models have similar shocks.

PROBLEM: Right rear shock leaks air from ride leveling. (Disabled ride leveling compressor). Result is low ride and "fish-tailing" over some kinds of bumps. Unable to repair leak, need replacement.

QUESTION 1: Does suspension type FE1 (soft) versus FE3 (sports) matter when the F45 option exists? (F45 is continuously variable road sensing suspension[CV-RSS]). I am wondering whether FE1 versus FE3 specifies soley how F45 shocks are computer controlled, and thus does not have to do with F45 shocks themselves. I wonder this because according to the Cadi parts man I spoke with, cars with FE1 suspension and F45 shocks -- such as '97 Seville SLS -- have the same rear shock part number as FE3 cars with F45 -- such as Seville STS. (The part number provided for rear shock is 22064727 for '97 STS, SLS, and Eldo ETC -- left or right). I am considering using FE1 F45 shocks from a '97 SLS to replace FE3 F45 on my STS, under the expectation of an FE3 ride after replacement. Can anyone confirm or deny my expectations?

QUESTION 2: Do computer controlled shocks such as the F45 version need to be replaced in pairs?
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It appears that the rear shocks are indeed the same between FE3 and FE1 suspensions...or at least SERVICED with the same part number (ACDelco 22064727). I'd be surprised if they were the same parts from the factory, but it's not uncommon for service parts to compromise/consolidate applications to standardize on one part. For what it's worth, the front struts are still application-specific (FE1 vs. FE3), at least from ACDelco.

If it were me, I wouldn't mess around with used shocks. Arnott sells a set of new (with a lifetime unlimited miles warranty) rear air shocks that will plug into your computer system for $301. Or buy the whole kit, front and rear, for $601:
^^^ OK jadcock thanks for the Arnott tip. Ideally I'd like to keep all the OEM functions though -- in particular the CV-RSS.

I checked some other sources, and part numbers for rear shocks appear identical for several 97 Cadi's with F45 systems -- regardless of FE1 or FE3 suspension type. (Part numbers are identical for Seville STS, Seville SLS and Eldo-ETC -- not sure about DeVille).

As for different front shocks for FE1 & FE3, yeah, I noticed that too, and I wonder if it's because the fronts are MacPherson with an interconnected spring that could differ across FE1 to FE3.

Since the spring and shock are separate on the rear however, I'm hoping that the rear shocks don't differ across FE1 and FE3 -- other than perhaps the way they're controlled by a computer module (different control modules perhaps?).

Nonetheless I'm still concerned that OEM parts could be different as jadcock postulated, and I'm still wondering if anyone has a definitive answer to this:

Is there a differnce among OEM F45 rear shocks for FE1 vs. FE3, '97 model year for Seville?

It's becoming important for me to know, because I've paid to have a pair of shocks from what is a proportled to be a good condition '97 SLS sent to me for inspection. If they look good, I'd hate to pay for them ($250 for the pair), install them, and then subsequently find that shocks from an FE1 SLS don't work on an FE3 STS.

I'm also still wondering what other model years might match '97 STS. I think for example Elderado-ETC '97-01 matches '97 STS. Anyone know?
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The '97 ETC and '97 DeVille Concours should use the exact same shock as your '97 STS. The '97 Eldorado and '97 DeVille and DeVille d'Elegance used passive shocks (no CV-RSS). So it seems that the '97 SLS was the only FE1 car to also have F45 (I assume a '97 DeVille Concours has FE3). That may be why they decided to simply share the shocks between the SLS and STS that year.

I guess your final gut check would be to see if there's an ACDelco part number affixed or embossed into the shock assembly, and then you might compare your OE shocks to what you get sent from the '97 SLS?
^^^ OK jadcock thanks for the additional info about similar shocks on DeVilles. It's good to have a larger search criterion for shocks, because these shocks are tough to find used, and I'm still dubious about using shocks from an FE1 vehicle on my FE3.

Regarding my hesitation, I agree with your "gut check": I hope there's a part number on the shocks I'm slated to receive, and I hope it matches the number on my shocks. I think the shocks should arrive early next week.
Re: '97 Seville STS rear shocks: F45, FE3 & FE1 (Update PICS)

Used shocks from a '97 SLS have arrived from a junkyard. I need help evaluating the shocks. If interested, please check the link below (with PICS) from the suspension section:
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