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My wife's 97 SLS keeps killing batteries... 2 in 2 months' time. Both times the car sat for 3-4 days while she was off on a business trip, and she came home to a dead car. Both times, the auto parts store popped the battery on their charger/tester and proclaimed the battery as "dead... can't be charged".

We hooked up a power supply to the car and started to troubleshoot it... set the power supply to 12VDC at 1 amp, powered it on, and the needle pegged at 1 amp. So we started pulling fuses until the needle dropped, and we have the current drain isolated to the 10 amp "comfort" fuse. (With the breaker pulled, the system only pulls 150mA.)

When re-installing the breaker (in the trunk), the A/C Compressor relay clicked a couple times, which I found odd since the compressor has its own 10A fuse under the hood. So I think there may be something messed up with the A/C circut, but what I'm not exactly sure.

We don't have a shop manual or Haynes manual on the car yet.... anyone know what systems are on the "comfort" circuit that may be pulling over an amp of juice? A schematic of that circuit would be nice too.

The only thing not OEM on the car is an iPod2Car kit that I got her for Christmas last year, which plugs into the CD changer connector in the trunk.

Any help would be appreciated.

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