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Hello All,

I've been losing collant fro the pass couple of weeks always feaing it's the dreaded Head Gasket. Changed out the thermostat with not luck.
Finally went to a dealer an purchased a new pump and Leak tablets. Then to AutoZone for t he GM WaterPump removal socket($30.00)
Started change out this morning at 5am was completly through at 7am(This also included a oil and filter change-NO COOLANT IN OIL THANK GOD)
Ran the car for the last 2hrs without without the temp gage going more than 1/2. Though i'd write my experience before i hit the showers.

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The Northstar rarely puts coolant in the oil when a head gasket goes. Why did you change the pump? Was it leaking? Either you have an external leak that is evaporating before it shows itself or you are burning it. If you are not overheating, that is a good sign. I'd pressure test the system. If there is an external leak it will eventually show itself.
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