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I sold me Corvette and am about to buy a 97 STS with 64k on it, but reading some reviews elewhere I here people complaining about heavy oil consumption.. Is this a know problem? It has me scared to purchase this vehicle now.

I also have an idiot friend who said the waterpumps go out and you need a special socket to remove them, he said the socket costs $1500.. Like I said, this guy is an idiot, and I kind of want to prove him wrong.


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Well I'm sure every model and every year will have some pro's and con's so I can only speak from my experience with my '97 STS.

I bought it w/72k miles. It had belonged to a finicky older woman. The dealership service dept. told me she'd have it in the shop for the least little thing. (BTW, they printed out all her service records when I showed them proof I owned the car. Before I bought it they just told me about its service record.) Needless to say, it was in pretty good condition although the driver's side door had been repaired due to a minor accident.

Here's my take after 8000 miles/5 mos. of ownership.

1st, I absolutely love this car astheticilly speaking, both inside and out. I'd only add an aftermarket wood kit to its interior if I could see what one looks like.

It has every option offered that year except the engine heater, and seat warmer. Don't need them in San Diego.

Now the quirks. Yes, it does use oil. But for less than two bucks a couple of times between oil changes its barely worth mentioning. The ride and pleasure of ownership far out weigh popping the hood once every 6wks or so to add a qt. of oil.

It doesn't smoke. You can't see it burn the oil. It doesn't leak. So I guess it just USES it. :)

Also, now and then some oddball warning will come up on the display. 99 times out of 100, if, when I shut the car off, then restart it (say after returning to the car from a store) the warning disappears. Basically because of that I ignore them since they don't reappear after a restart.

The one I love the most is the Traction Enabled warning. It'll pop up if you kinda spin a tire, say in gravel or a wet or oily spot. That's followed by something like, WARNING! SPEED LIMITED TO 90MPH. I can live with that. :) Of course that gets reset the next time you start the car.

It doesn't leak in the rain. The stereo has the DSP option which is so very cool! It came with the 12 disc changer as well.

In the city I get about 19mpg and on the highway, 24! Makes that oil useage even less important.

Overall, so far, its been VERY reliable.

If I didn't have four other vehicles I'd definitely invest in increasing its performance although it is VERY hot as it is stock.

As for the water pump, I dunno. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. If that tool is really $1500 then taking it to a shop for repair must end up being a bargain.

Good luck! BTW, I paid $10,500 for the car 5 mos. ago. I think that was a fair deal for southern california that's never seen snow conditions.

PS. I'm curious about Corvette ownership. What year did you have. What was it like to own? Was your insurance substantially higher? I'm casually interested in the new Z06's but I've never owned a 'vette before. There is a guy that lives near me who bought a 50th Anniv. 'vette Z06 then chopped the top off and modified it with all stock Corvette parts turning it into a convertible Z06. It could be the only one in existence. Its yellow and looks So cool!

You can email me directly at [email protected]. Thanks!

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You can rent the tool.......

There are 3 things to consider when buying a used cadillac
1. Overall cosmetic condition
2. Mechanical condition
3. Service records

Now me personally, I wouldnt own a northstar cadillac without having a good service record, clean carfax, and an EXTENDED WARRANTY.... At least one that covers major things......

Spend some time reading the previous posts about these cars..... Good information, and most will be revealed..... THEN come back to us with questions!!!!

Welcome to cadillacfourms..... Thanks for signing up :wave:
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