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Don't forget to check your "radiator" cap on the surge tank,(a weak cap will allow coolant to escape before temp gets to boiling, then a lack of coolant will cause overheating), the radiator itself for flow, and any and all hoses for even the tiniest pinhole can lead to eventual overheating. Another sore spot is the metal lines running behind the engine, they tend to rust if not properly serviced.

I would also replace any and all of the old hose clamps with screw on type clamps if they are still the originals.

Alway be sure you have the sealant tabs or powder in also, lower radiator hose, and always use a 50/50 mix of Dex-Cool & (distilled) water.

I bought a '97 with a dealer diagnosed "blown head gasket", tried everything until I discovered the radiator was clogged, probably from some non-standard sealant.

Also heard from another owner that when his '97 started overheating, he was told it was the head gaskets, upon further investigation, it was discovered that his pressure cap was weak, allowing coolant loss before the fans even kicked on! New pressure cap and presto, no more overheating.

The cooling systems in these Northstars are quite fickle after a few years, only by keeping everything up to "spec" can you avoid the enevitible(?) overheating. Most here say to not flush your system, but as with any vehicle, flushing will remove sediment and deposits that can clog up things, just be sure to thoroughly replace any tap water with distilled water ($0.59 gallon at Wal-Mart, 10 gallons is half the cost of one gallon of Dex-Cool)

Good Luck and be sure to keep us posted on the final outcome!
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