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97 ETC Sudden Large Oil Leak

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My 97 ETC the other day had a burning smell. Today the low oil warning came on. I put 2 qts in and still no indication on the dip stick. I put the car in the garage and took my truck to work. Oil has been leaking everywhere. When it was running, it looks to be dripping out pretty quickly in the middle, about 2 feet back from the front bumper.

What do you think this is? (I'll get under it this weekend)

Can a rear main oil seal suddenly go bad?

What else would you suggest?

The car is old (in years), and 140K miles and I'm at the point of wondering if I should keep it. I love the way it drives, and transmission shifts perfectly.

A little engine skip at high speeds when WOT. Something is wrong but overall it drives great.

Also the air conditioning gave me a low coolant message a month ago and has shut off. Being in the north east it has been too cold for AC so no big deal.

And I may need tires soon. So, AC parts, tires, rear main oil seal?

Anyway, any advice is always appreciated.
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I can't think of anything else that would leave such a large puddle.
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