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I have been looking for weeks for a computer chip or programmer for my 97 Eldorado i heard rumors but have had no luck finding anything, if any one knows were to get one please post the link. also i put new exhaust and air intake on my car i want more performance so if any one has any ideas on how to increase the horsepower on a N* w/o breaking the bank please help.
I was reading about the on-board diagnostic and the ability to override some functions. i heard that you can advace or retard your timing, spark and also how much your fuel injectors put out, i have no idea how to do this and what system it would be under I don't know what PZM stands for i am thinking that my be it, but there would be some power increase if i can figure out how to retard the timing a degree. Thanks :gun2: :gun: :cop:
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