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97 Eldo Head Gasket Questions

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Hi I have a 97 eldo with 86000 miles, change the coolant and add the "pills" at regular maintenence intervals. My question is: that will they (head bolt threads in the block), ALL fail in time or will some of us be lucky?? I've heard from some mechanics, most would usually fail early on, when still in warranty or before 60-70k miles. How many out there have been lucky, racking up a lot of miles with no problem?? The reason I ask is that Warranty direct has an 80k, that means you can put 80k more miles on the car in 6-7 years for a $1300 warranty that covers up to $3300 on engine repairs and I believe $2500 on the drive train. Plus it covers cv joints, suspension , etc. Might sound like a wise investment, considering the cost of head gasket and thread repair.(?)
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wise choice. make sure you read very, very carefully before signing and paying anything though.
No, they won't ALL fail in time. We have had people here with over 200K and no failures. Others go early.
What ranger said. Buy the warranty if you feel it gives you peace of mind, but if youve religiously maintained the cooling system, I dont think you are going to need it. For as cheap as it is though, Id go for it.

WarrantyDirect definitely is the only aftermarket warranty provider I trust because their warranties are exclusionary, but I am not sure how you are getting a quote for a 97 car... I am pretty sure they only do back to 99.
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