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97 Deville Stereo Question

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i got a 97 deville that came with the stock tape am/fm player.. my friend has a 98 deville with a stock cd player.. would that cd player fit right in (size and connections), or would i just have to go out and buy an aftermarket one?? or is there another one out there that will fit right in??
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97/98 Deville head units are probably interchangeable as long as they are both either Bose or Non-Bose. In other words, you cannot put a Bose head in a car that came with a non-Bose system and vice-versa.

Your bigger problem will be the theftlock - most 97 and up factory radios have a lockout that prevents the radio from working when they are swapped into a different vehicle. You must have this cleared by a Dealer with a Tech II tool, there is no other way.

To get the dealer to do this, you'll need the VIN from the car the unit was removed from and proof of ownership for the head unit (a proper invoice showing it's purchase, etc.) and of course there will be some kind of charge from the dealer to provide this "service".

Yet another reason I hate factory systems, and the fact that they are so tightly integrated into the vehicles now. First thing I'd do in a 96 and up Caddy is rip out the factory system and put in a decent Alpine head unit- which isn't easy either the way GM has done the integration of the stock stereo now. Forget Delco's overpriced, underperforming... stuff.

Just my thoughts,

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