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97 concourse deville windows will not open

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Hi, 97 concourse deville windows will not open with any switch. I checked all the fuses including the 30amp maxi, all good. I read in owners man something about a circuit breaker for the windows, but it does not say where to locate it.
1- where is the circuit breaker?
2- is it resetable, or does it need to be replaced?
3-What could cause it do go, never happened in 10 years?
4-If it has to be replaced, is there a generic less expensive alternative?
Thanks in advance!!
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The circuit breaker should be located in one of the electrical boxes - usually there's one box under the hood and one somewhere else, like under the rear seat or in the trunk. The tops of the fuse boxes should be labeled on the inside so you can find the breaker/fuse function and rating; if there is an identically rated breaker in the box you should be able to swap them to check whether that's your problem. Automotive breakers are usually self-resetting so there will likely be no 'reset' function.
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