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97 Catera misfire

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Wife was driving home tonight and the engine started running rough and check engine light came on. I read the codes when I got home: P0301 misfire on cyl 1.
Runs rough enough I plan to check compression on that cylinder tomorrow to check for valve problem. Could a bad injector cause problem? A bad coil would misfire on two cylinders right? Any suggestions?:hmm:
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It's fixed!!! I was not getting juice to the spark plug on #1 cylinder. I pulled plug out and it hissed when I removed it so I knew the valves were doing their job. I called O'Reilly Auto Parts and they said they could have me a coil pack by 3:00 pm for $188 plus tax.
The coil pack is a PITA to put in. Had to pull the wiper motor assembly to get to it. I suggest to anyone doing this to buy the heater valve and replace it then. It is real easy to get to when you pull the wiper motor assembly.:D
What year Catera do you own? There is no way to get that coil pack out without pulling the wiper assembly! I checked for oil on the plug when I removed it. The valve cover gaskets were replaced last year and I did get a mis-fire then too. The wires were soaked in oil then.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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