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97 Catera Knock Sensor problems

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I'm hoping someone here can help... i have a 97 cat with a pulley making a lot of noise (or alternator, but was told most likely a pulley by a mechanic who refused to work on the car...). he said this is causing the knock sensor to think the car is misfiring, and thus making the car run like total crap (very sluggish, etc.). besides the obvious (fix the problem) is there any way to get my car to stop running like this due to the knock sensor, like a way to reset it or anything?
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I've seen references to resistors and pads in-line with knock sensors to reduce sensitivity in rattling/noisy motors. You might try some searches.
A friend of mine had a loud lifter on an Olds Cutlass that caused his knock sensor to make the car run badly. He just unplugged it and the car runs fine. I don't know if that will work on the Catera without setting a code or a dash light but it's worth a try.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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