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96 STS gas gauge sometimes eratic

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I have a 96 STS. Sometimes when I put gas in the needle never goes above 1/4 tank. The other day I put in $55.00 and it barely went above 1/4. The readout on my console acts accordingly to what the needle is registering. In other words, the readout says 80 miles left at 1/4 tank and the readout goes down as the needle goes down. It has done this before, but corrected itself after I got going. This last time it hasn't corrected itself after several drives. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, dv...
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I would suspect a sticking float in the tank. Maybe a crack in the float that is filling with fuel.
Thanks, where is the float located and is it easy to change out? Also, how might it be checked once removed before purchasing a new one? Thanks again for your response. dv...
It's inside the tank. On a '96 I think you have to drop the tank. Later models have an access panel inside the trunk. Once it is out you can visually inspect it to see if it moves freely or if it has a crack and is full of fuel. Before going through all of that work though, you really should get a factory service manual and go through the trouble shooting flow chart to be sure it is not an electrical problem. I would hate for you to go through all that work on my guess, only to find that that was not the problem.
That sounds like a sound idea. I've been trying to get a manual on ebay, but I haven't had any success yet. Thanks for your help. dv...
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