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96 SLS Elect. Level Cont.

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Need help from the group. The ELC motor compressor not operating.
The rear is setting low. No warning codes. Pulled the in depth code for the RSS. All readings normal.
The FSM leads me to the in trunk ELC Relay, maybe stuck open.
HOW to get to that panel? From the trunk it looks all enclosed from the left center area. The FSM just says location, not how to get there.
I started to remove the motor compressor when the posiblity of the relay come up. Has anyone replaced that comp. assembly? Any tricks to it? Really small area to get access. HELP!
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Vern, it's against the rear seat back behind the trunk liner.
Ranger, going from the trunk, lifted the liner , the only thing that is exposed is the fuse group on the left side, where the panel is that I think I have to get to is behind what looks like a solid piece with some vent or view holes on the RH side that partitions the trunk from the interior.
Are you saying to go from the in side taking the back seat out? I must be missing something, maybe a little more detail, and thanks for comeback.
I thought it was right where you're looking. Try under the rear seat cushion.
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