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96 seville "service transmission' warning

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my 96 seville with 147k is showing the "service transmissions" warning and the check engine light has also come on. this first occurred at about 10pm last night. The thing that is bothing me is the engine shift into gear and preforms as normal. all 4 gears preform as should and smooth as ever. I am not aware of the tranny over heats nor should it. i never go over 75ish and was only going 45 at the time the message first showed. i am going to have the codes pulle don my lunch break and will post. i was just wondering if this could be an encoded service msg showing based on mileage? and if thats not the case should i be preparing to refinance my home to fix this?
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What is the remaining transmission fluid life shown in the DIC ?

If you check the fluid level, remember that the transmission is a dry sump unit and there will be NO fluid on the dipstick with the engine OFF. To check proper level the engine must be warm, running in P. Fill with DEXRON-III or -VI to halfway up the dipstick marking.
I dont recall seeing a tranny fluid read out on my DIC. i'll double check on lunch. also i'm not entirely sure how to get to my tranny dip stick with out removing my intake so i haven't checked yet. i'll get back with all this info after lunch.

went to auto zone and pulled my codes. came back with P0741 : Torque converter CKT Performance or stuck off. give it to me straight guys how f'ed am i?? is this gonna sky rocket in cost?
You don't need to go to AutoZone to pull codes. It's all built into the car. Read the sticky at the top of the main Seville/Eldorado page titled "How to pull codes". You want the link for OBD-I.

Pull the codes and make a log. Don't clear them yet. If you clear all codes the system needs to reset in order to pass an emissions test - at least a week of driving. A code is Current if the fault has set within the last 3 start-run cycles. A code goes to History after 3 successful start-run cycles, and disappears after 40 successful cycles.

You may be in the market for a TCC (Torque Convertor Clutch) solenoid - a $50 part buried well inside the transmission.

(read the entire Cadillac Technical Archive up in the black bar ^^^)
We bought our cadillac for a steal and when we got it we had it for maybe a day and my wife was driving through the city and the car started hesitating and then quit going when she pressed the accelerator. Of course we realized something was wrong with the transmission and it ended up being the solenoid sensor in the transmission and cost 1500 in labor and parts at Aamco. But the car runs great now.
:sneaky:...............worth its weight in gold, ain't it ???
haha hell yeah i spent over 600 on different ac shops diagnosing my issue and all said i needed to take it to an electrical shop. well i bought the book 50 bucks w/shipping and found the problem replaced a 20 dollar sensor and ac worked
thanks every one, i read through all the other posts about this code. the weird thing is the warning light went away last night on its own and i dont have any of the problems the other posters have talked about. I will be keeping a close eye on the situation and getting ready to make a move to fix it when it come around again. thanks again every one
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