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96 seville - access to starter

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hey guys...i recently ran into a problem. my car wasnt starting and so after looking through the forum (and after changing my battery) i figured out that it was the corroded battery cables. however, i clean the corrosion and the car will start but then once i turn it off it wont start again. so, i ordered some battery cables off ebay and i am trying to get them installed (im pretty sure its the corroded cables)

i ran into some problems while trying to replace the wiring. i understand that the intake manifold is under the beauty cover. i was reading through a thread and it said that there should be 8 studs/bolts holding it down. i only found 6 on mine...also, it said to use a piece of wood to take off the intake manifold from the "fan belt side"...this is the passenger side, correct? (that's the only side i see with any belts at all) it's a 96 sts...if someone can give me some information on taking off the intake manifold so i can access the wires going to the starter, i'll appreciate it. thanks a lot for ur time

edit: p.s. i found the fuel rail to be coming in the way...does this have to be removed? i figured not because it actually mounts ON TOP of the manifold...thanks again
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Everything Ranger said is correct...and there should be 8 bolt/studs, 4 studs that the beauty cover bolts too and then 2 bolts on each end. There are a couple vac lines to disconnect. You shouldn't need to disconnect the purge line from the water pump. The SS fuel rail is held down with the manifold bolts and are just pressed into each intake port, the original injector harness can stay attached to the manifold. Once this is loose you should be able to lift up on passenger side end and slide a piece of wood under the middle to keep it up and out of the way. The starter is readily accessible from this point. Please make sure to disconnect your battery before doing this.
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