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96 seville - access to starter

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hey guys...i recently ran into a problem. my car wasnt starting and so after looking through the forum (and after changing my battery) i figured out that it was the corroded battery cables. however, i clean the corrosion and the car will start but then once i turn it off it wont start again. so, i ordered some battery cables off ebay and i am trying to get them installed (im pretty sure its the corroded cables)

i ran into some problems while trying to replace the wiring. i understand that the intake manifold is under the beauty cover. i was reading through a thread and it said that there should be 8 studs/bolts holding it down. i only found 6 on mine...also, it said to use a piece of wood to take off the intake manifold from the "fan belt side"...this is the passenger side, correct? (that's the only side i see with any belts at all) it's a 96 sts...if someone can give me some information on taking off the intake manifold so i can access the wires going to the starter, i'll appreciate it. thanks a lot for ur time

edit: p.s. i found the fuel rail to be coming in the way...does this have to be removed? i figured not because it actually mounts ON TOP of the manifold...thanks again
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nobody knows? :hmm:

no one has done this before?
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