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:cloud9: Hello all,
I am wondering if anyone out there has had the same problem with their Caddy that I have.
We bought it in March '05 and right after buying it, we had the Tranny fluids changed and the filters replaced. There were no stickers on the car where the previous owners had done normal maintence to it, so we decided to have that done along with new wires, plugs the normal routine upkeep.
On the way to the garage the Service Engine Soon light came on, and I told the man about it, when I delivered it that morning.
When we brought it home that day the mechanic said he couldn't find a reason for the light to come on.
Now the light comes on and stays on. I had it checked and the mechanic said the computer said the "Torque Converter Switch" was stuck OFF.
Now my main question is; will this harm the car to continue to run it like this?
How do I get this fixed without spending three arms and seven legs on this car?
I have heard it is a small switch on the tranny and it costs about $40.00 and the labor is about $2,000.00 which is outrageous to say the least.
Can someone out there tell me something about this and what it really means? :bouncy:
I just received a recall notice about the "Fuel Line Rail" and am wondering if this has something to do with the Switch?
Help someone, anyone, I need some help and advice.:yup:
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