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96 Fleetwood double din install help

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Ok... I have cut the factory harness from the ohu. I matched the wires according to a guide I found in a c.f. thread "DVD head unit installed in my 96 wood"
WHITE CONNECTOR: Speaker wiring
(There are two spots on this 10-spot connector that are not used)
Left Front (-): Gray
Left Front (+): White/Orange
Right Front (-): Green/Yellow
Right Front (+): Light Green
Left Rear (+): Brown
Left Rear (-): Yellow
Right Rear (+): Dark Blue
Right Rear (-): Light Blue

BLUE CONNECTOR (Power and accessories):
Ignition 12V+ (Fuse #9, Radio): Black
Illumination: White/Purple
Park Lamps On Signal: Black/Blue (I didn't use this for anything)
Power Antenna: Purple
Aux ground: Brown/White (I didn't use this)
DLC Serial Data Link: Red/White (I didn't use this)
Right Cell phone input: Red/Yellow (I didn't use this)
Left Cell phone input: Pink (I didn't use this)
Ground: White
Constant hot (IP fuse #33, HVAC): Orange...

All the wires are matched except the Orange. What should it be connected to?
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Looks like the orange is your constant(usually red) that matches up to the other red.
Thanks... csbuckn you got me going....:worship:
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