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Cadillac 96 ETC
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Morning guys

96 ETC, Scanner indicate problems in PO135 and PO147

PO135: Heated Oxygen Sensor, Heater Curcuit Bank 1 Sensor 1 (rear bank)
PO147: Heated Oxygen Sensor, Heater Curcuit Bank 1 Sensor 3 (Post Converter)

Bank 1 Drivers side?
Bank 2 Pass side?

If they are not bad, what could have caused both to go out at the same time?
If bank is a side, both on the same side.

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Bank 1 = 1,3,5,7. Firewall side (right).

Bank 2 = 2,4,6,8. Radiator side (left).

O2 sensors: B2S1 = Bank 2 exhaust manifold; B1S1 = Bank 1 exhaust manifold; B1S2 = pre-cat sensor; B1S3 = after-cat sensor. (Depending on year - pre 2000 - and emissions package you may not have a pre-cat sensor.) You have a code for B1S3, so you have all 4 sensors.

"Circuit" implies wiring problems. You might want to get the car up on a lift and unplug the sensor pigtails (DO NOT twist or kink the wires) and clean the connectors with Radio Shack electronic cleaner or tuner spray.
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