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:poke: Before I let any mechanic start tearing into my steering column looking for a source of smoke that has stopped, I hope toget some help from you guys. Coasting in 3rd gear down a canyon road gthen being stopped by construction , my car was facing the afgternoon daylight just right to illuminate a thin plume of smoke rising from the steering column at the seam right behind the steering wheel. It persisted for a minute or so until I decided to shut off the engine and all systems. Upon restarting the engine, the smoke had disippated and didn't appear again. It did not have a strong smell of plastic or any other tell-tale odor. I have observed no malfunctioning of the electrical controls housed in the steering column before or after the smoke sighting unless this is related: When I get into the car and turn the key to "on" the driver's seat responds by random (and comical) adjustments that do not match the memory settings at all.
1) What is the danger to openning the steering column?
2) What is the danger of doing nothing?
3) What do you think is going on inside the steering column that could melt wire insulation or something else?
4) Is there an inherent fault in the wire harness that lets the wires wear against other parts in there?
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