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96 deville trouble messages

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this is my third deville and ive got a few messages coming up on the digital dash, the first one is "service ride control" i looked and the air shocks arent leaking too bad and the compressor is kicking on and blowing just fine, i heard there was a sensor on the top of the strut that is throwing that message, is there a way i can cap off this sensor or do anything to make this message stop?

and i also have a "check oil level" message usually at start up, i removed the oil pressure switch and tested the pressure and it is perfectly fine because i was thinking maybe the oil pump was going bad but i have fine pressure, is there a float in the oil pan that could maybe be sticky or something from the previous owner using shitty oil? and suggestions at all on either of these would greatly be appreciated pleasee thank u very much
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thanx man ur a big help, do you think if im too lazy to drop the pan right now it will break anything? or can i keep driving and ignore the message
anything about the service ride control message?
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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