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96 deville heated seats

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Hi again, I received much help with my old problem but now I got another problem that I realized as it has become cold. Anyway, my seats are cold. Even when I have the heat to high (and the yellow light on the side panel is on) it remains cold. I know there is a fuse but it is hard to get to. If that yellow light goes on, does it mean the pads are gone? Thanks again!
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Check the connections before you make that assumption, though that would be my knee jerk guess.
Tried to check all connections....all seemed to be connected. Just wondering- could it be the fuse? If so, where is it located? I know its a different much does it cost and how can I tell if its blown? The power lights do light up even though the heat isnt coming on. Neither seat gets hot. Thanks for the help!
My 96 deville is the same way. Living in Milwaukee Wisconsin I am begining to research the same problem. Is yours on both sides as well?
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