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96 Deville AC Vent/Fan ???????????

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Just recently this has been happening. My air is on, doing great, then some thing "closes. The air does not comes out the vents but the fan is still blowing and either going to te defrost or in the dash. I can turn it off and on and it will go back to "normal". Any ideas about what is going on.
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Defrost is the default mode when you loose vacuum. Does this happen when you get on the throttle (low vacuum)?
check the Heater Control Actuator it is under the dash passenger sde and has a connecting rod and the gears strip out as they are plastic and it will not allow air flow to the vents. here is a link so you can get an idea of what you are looking for.
My 99 Deville has the same problem. I split the vacuum line where it comes through the firewall behind the glove box. On mine the blue line is the one that I cut and plugged it where it comes out of the programmer and then connected the end going to the motor to the line I split before the programmer. Now I have dash vents all of the time. When the weather turns cold I will reverse everything and leave it in defrost mode. My FSM says the whole dash has to come out to change the programmer
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