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95 STS Struts

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Where is the cheapest place y'all have been able to find for your replacement struts? Everybody says Arnott inc. but just curious if anyones found a better deal on secent kind.Also I was wondering is there any kind of performance suspension components to buy to reduce body roll?
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Arnott seems to have a good rep, and you won't have to worry about Ride Control codes. I've read some threads that claim Boston Suspension struts someimes fail to trick the computer.

There are cheaper alternatives - Monroe for one - though you'll have to trick the computer to avoid codes and the 90mph limiter. Krashed989 has a clever technique for removing/reusing your damping valves from the worn struts, connecting back up, bagging & tying them off out of the way, etc. He says this has worked for him. The set of Arnott will set you back about $325, I think. A set of Monroes, less than $130. AC/Delco lists a passive alternative on their site, but after speaking with their reps, who claimed the info to be inaccurate, I decided to shy away for fear of structural incompatibility.
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