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95 STS aftermarket Head Install

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I have been reading posts after post on installing a head unit in these cars with the bose systems. I was wondering If anyone has a factory stereo wire diagram or know of a link online?
My plan is to cheat a little bit and use the factory wiring already running through the car and splice into it to power the front / rear speakers and head unit.
I plan on putting in a 4 way amp in the trunk to run all the speakers so I could grab a set of wires to both front speakers back there already. The only thing I would have to run front to back would be a pair of RCA cables and an antenna wire. Up front I would use the power and ground for the factory remote head unit.
Also If I leave the stock guts in the rear and leave that powered would the power antenna still work or would I have to rewire that? Thanks

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From what I understand with bose, you'll have to run all new wires. Bose has an amp on each speaker or something like that, preventing you from simply swapping out speakers or tapping into wires. I'm not positive though, if you are changing all of the speakers out anyhow and the head unit, you might still be able to use the wiring. At that point, and if you are running RCA cables, I'd say just avoid any possible hassle and run wires. I'd wait up and see some other responses though.
Ya every thing is getting removed and changed. Just want to steal wires already running through the car. Even if all I use is just 2 of the four wires going to each speaker up front it would save me from fishing wires through the doors which is always fun!
I snagged the factory wires in my non-bose deville for the doors. The jbls in the door work. Pyle tweeters don't for some reason. Gotta mess with it.

Edit: I still don't have my new head unit in or amps running yet, just the speakers swapped because I just got my mounting bracket today for the head unit. They might work after i put in the new head unit and such.
re-run all the wires and leave everything factory plugged in. only way to do it and do it right is to do it all from scratch. and i literally mean scratch, cuz you will scratch and srape your knees and knuckles getting this together.

trust me, ive done it on 3 or 4 of these cars now and i know what works. plus, you'll have a sense of quality and pride once its all done!
You'll have to run all new speaker wires but you can use the power wires off the factory head unit to power your new HU and you also need to run an antenna cable from the power ant in the trunk to the dash ( i got mine at best buy) and will have to put a jumper wire on p/antenna to make it work with key switch .. The pictures are from my eldo that had a bose in it ..The new HU is a poineer AVH-P4000DVD. Touch screen..


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When i did mine i pulled all interior and carpet out to run everything hidden and also ran cables for rear back up cam and all amp cables for future install , that way all i have to do is plug n play and i also left all the bose equpitment intact in case i need to reinstall later for some reason .. it was a all day job but was worth having everything run where it supose to be..and i had carpet shampooed while it was out..
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Like the idea on pulling the carpet. Did you have to yank out the seats to do that? Also did you guys re-run wires to the door speakers? I haven't been able to get he door panels off yet. I saw a few threads for other cars but nothing on mine. I'm too scared to start yanking, I was told that there was a bolt under the lower carpet panels on the doors but mine are glued down.
Also my after mkt HU has a power antenna lead (pink) where do I run that to? I know it has to go back to the power antenna but where do I hook that one up too?
Answered my own question on door panel removal. Found a link with pictures.
My factory hu had a pink wire comin outta it - looks like yours does too for the "antennae trigger". (source if you want)

Not sure if they are the same... I would make a guess to say yes, but maybe somebody else could help us out. I'm about to do the wiring for my hu as well so it would help me too.
Success! Just finished my aftermarket head install. I left the stock brains and just removed the head unit. I used some of the factory wires for install. Up front I grabbed the 12 volt constant and acc. from the old hu harness as well as ground and dimmer wires. I had to run 6 cables front to rear for rear speakers, amp remote and antenna controls. Easiest car I have done trying to get under the carpet. The radio still works like the stock one, only shutting down when you open the doors.
I had to rewire my power antenna to work, only hard part! I spliced into the non-data cables running to the speakers up front so I did not have to fish new wires through the doors, just needed to find them under the dash. And all new wires to the rears. I put in all new speakers both front and rear. It took about 4 hours total but was worth it! Now I have my Double Din DVD/ Nav touch screen in the new car. Now I am just waiting for my antenna extension cable to show up so I dont have to listen to CD's all the time.
Thanks for all the help!!!!

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