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95 Seville Won't Start

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Any help would be sincerly appreciated. I have a 95 SLS that I have personally put 140,000 + miles on and loved every bit of it. But I have a starting problem that has occured twice, once it went away after a few turns of the key, this time it has stayed. When I turn the key everything lights up on the dash, and I hear a relay near the left front fues center pull in. Nothing else happens, voltage is good, no erroe codes on the dash, jump starting dosen't help, lights do not dim. It seems as though no voltage is being sent to the starter, or the starter is an open circuit. Any trouble shooting suggestions would be great. Thanks
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Am I correct that the starter and solenoid are "inside" of the engine under the intake system? Are there any postings you know of that explain the "process" of doing a change out? Thanks again to all for your answers and input.
It was the starter solinoid. Managed to do the job in about 2 hours, lifted the intake manifold, puled the old starter tested it, the solinoid was stuck, gave it a wack and it worked again. Gone too far too not replace the whole thing. New starter and solinod from NAPA was about $180. Got it back together and don't remember it starting better. Thanks for the help here and on the forum in general.:worship:
THanks for your results post. Glad to here the problem is solved. Maybe you can get another 140k out of it. Good luck.:grouphug:
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