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1. Remove 4 dash vents by pulling them straight out with two hooks at both ends...
2. Need a 6in long 1/4 in.. extension & 9/32 thin walled socket now to get 4 screws holding the front of DASH-PAD.,,,look upward thru the vent apatures to locate them,,
3. Lift the defrost vent insert under the w/s with a thin blade and remove the two sensors by twisting them ACW,,remove the vent insert.
4. Remove the 4 screws holding the front of DASH-PAD by accessing them thru the defrost vent apature wih the same socket.
5. Remove the A-pillar covers by pulling them out horizontally.
6. Lift the front of DASH-PAD abt two inches to clear and pull backward & out of car.
7. Take out the two wire harness connectors to the cluster now as you can see them fom the top.
8. remove 4 screws holding the cluster down with the same socket,,they are visible on top on each corner of cluster.
9. Lift the cluster vertically until it clears and out of car.
10. installation is the reverse order of the removal
11. When replacing DASH-PAD make sure you hold the two conectors thru the defrost vent apature to avoid later dissapointments.:banghead:

Thanx for looking,
Any corrections, spell corrections or refinements / additions are welcome.
Pls e-mail to JORGHENRY.
Jorg Henry,,,JAPAN.
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