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95 Fleetwood LT1 Random Stalling / No Start

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I need help with a stalling and restarting issue on my 95 Fleetwood Brougham, 62,000 miles. The car is as pristine as they come and typically starts, runs, and drives flawlessly.

I am recently having random stalling issues. After the vehicle is driven during my morning commute- 30 minutes/20 miles, then sits and is restarted, it will begin driving, then stall. It will turn over but not start. Occasionally, when pressing the accelerator to the floor, it will start, then die immediately. Once it has cooled (an hour or so), it will restart and run fine. If it is driven a short distance thereafter, it will stall again and not start. From what I can smell the car gets fuel when cranking. I get no check engine lights or subsequent codes.

I have had much work done to the car, in what I thought was the potential problem as well as opti-issues, including:

-Fuel system treatment
-Fuel filter replacement
-New Plugs and Wires
-Fouled Injectors replaced
-Water pump replaced
-Opti-spark replaced (twice- original replacement went bad)
-Alternator replaced (original alternator was charging at 14.5v. I thought this was high, and possibly the voltage regulators had gone bad, and a high charge was causing the ECM to shut off, but the new alternator also charges at 14.5v- is this normal?)
-New Battery
-New Ignition Module
-Replaced harness cable between Opti and engine harness on top of manifold (these have been known to deteriorate under heat).

I have seen numerous online posts from LT1 Camaro/Firebird/Impala owners, and have ruled out the Opti as a potential problem as it has been replaced. The next suggested routes seem to be:

1.) Check IAC
2.) Check for hot coil wire arcing
3.) Clogged cat (should not be the case)
4.) Check Fuel Regulator and Fuel Pump when hot
5.) Test for Security or VATS failure when hot
6.) Space the ICM from block with washers to keep cool, or replace altogether again
7.) New O2 Sensor
8.) Recheck all harness and pin connectors.

Any further thoughts or suggestions would be an enormous help and timesaver.

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