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95 fleetwood broughhman

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My passenger rear window.. of my cadillac is off track it slides down by itself with the tap of my switch.. how can i fix this problem.. i need your help on this one guys.. will really apprciate it.. how do i take of the door pannel.. any screws.. latches, etc...
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Sorry, I was out all day. Ok, the screws on the back, behind the door handle, I think in the ash tray, and behind the pull handle. Then pop the bottom plastics out, a flathead screwdriver will get the job done in a pinch, but there's a better tool out there for doing it.
Next, you should be able to lift the door panel off. There may be a couple of screws on the seam of the door, where it latches on the frame. (Not the hinge, but where it close)
When you look at the window assembly, the most likely thing to be broken is going to be a couple of small plastic spacers. They hold the window motor arms in track. Take them into a caddy dealership. Should be like $5 a pop. To put them in place, ou'll need a small bench clamp. Unless you have REALLLY strong hands and just the right set of pliers. Since you haven't done this before, I'd say expect between 2 and 3 hours to do the job, and reassemble. If you knew exactly what was going on (I've done both of mine, and helped a buddy on his Caprice) It's closer to an hour or so. I might be able to give some more advice if you need it, or if I happen to be online when you're doing it. But being a Chef and this being Mother's Day weekend, I won't have any free time.
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