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1995 Sedan Deville 4.9L
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Hello! I was trying to figure out why my front corner lights and my reverse lights weren't working, so I decided to look at some fuses to make sure they looked okay. I pulled out a couple of the red ones in the trunk compartment that were associated with lighting and put them back in, and then now when I get in my car the windows just don't work! There is no power to any door's window switch. I don't understand what happened?? Now I have been looking all over trying to find out if there is a fuse for the power windows and i can't seem to find any information for my car specifically... The locks and the power seats and everything like that still work, so I think pulling a fuse might have blown the fuse for the windows? I don't know. But if someone could please help me that would be great! I don't even care about the corner lights or the reverse lights at this point i just want my windows to work again!!! (ok well i do kind of still care about the lights haha)

It's a 1995 Sedan DeVille the 4.9L version

Thank you ;-;
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