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95 Deville AC Compressor Junk??

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Daughter's Deville 4.9 L AC no work. No codes thrown, clutch engages and disengages at the right times. With Compressor running refrigerant pressure high side = 115 psi, low side = 105 psi. Unless I'm missing something I think that the compressor internals are probably shot. If so, any suggestons on cheap fix? New compressor, remanufactured?, rebuild existing?, Also, is this the kind of job better off done by a shop, if so any idea what the ballpark price should be?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Usually when the compressor goes south it will make some nasty sounds, at least thats what mine did. Depending on the condition of the compressor you may be able to rebuild it, that would be the cheapest fix. Otherwise a remained compressor i believe is between 300-400 dollars, not 100 percent sure. If the 4.9 has the same location as the northstar it is a bitch to change out. Its on the bottom of the engine, which means the engine will have to be dropped to access it, better left to a mechanic, in my opinion.
High side is low and the low side is high. I am guessing that if you pulled the orifice tube, you'd find the screens loaded with debris. That means the compressor is disintegrating internally. If that is the case, you will need a new compressor (I'd stick with a new A/C Delco). You will also have to flush all the lines and replace the accumulator and the condenser as they cannot be flushed. If you don't and any debris is left in there, the new compressor will not last long. No idea on price, but it ain't cheap. I think the compressor is accessible through the wheel well after removing an access panel.
Thanks for the replies guys! On the 4.9 at least you can see the compressor. I'll dig a little deeper tomorrow and see what I can come up with. Bad news about the accumulator and condensor but at least I'll be able to make sure that whatever shop ends up with this, that they know what they're doing.
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