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'94 STS heater problem

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I'm hoping that you can help sort out our heater situation. :worship:

When we put the heater on the Defog setting, warm air comes out the by the windshield and the passenger footwell; but cold air comes out by the driver's feet, and the vents for the backseat. :confused:

The Defroster, Economy, and Auto settings seem to get warm air, (with the back seat vents still getting cold air); but there doesn't seem to be any way to get warm air to the driver's feet. :(

Any ideas?
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I have a similar thing in my Olds, but that's a 79, so it's all vacuum. It could be a blender door or one of the myriad of electric motors that control the vents in these ever so complicated animals. Sadly I'm not qualified to make a more in depth diagnosis. Maybe someone else will chime in.
Try flushing the heater core first. If that doesn't work, then start looking at the air distribution doors.
Thanks guys!

I was thinking maybe the heater core might have some restriction in it, as the warm air that I go get; doesn't seem as warm as it should be. How hard it it to get all the air out of the system after flushing the heater core, and refilling?
The Northstar is self purging. Just check the coolant level after you run it once to top it off if need be.
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