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1994 Seville SLS
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Question: Does it make sense that a transmission pan gasket would gush fluid when engine is running, and stop when the engine is turned off? I thought the inside of the pan was just a reservoir of fluid and not under pressure when running?

The leak could be coming from above the pan, but it is hard to see in my driveway (18" of snow on the ground so working conditions not ideal,) but crawling under there, and visual inspection, I don't see it gushing from above from above the pan, but I could be wrong. It's not a cooling line. Leak appears to be the pan gasket ("L" shaped pan), near exhaust crossover, driver's side, front of tranny, from the inside corner of the "L" shape. It gushes when I start the engine.

I know these leaks can get complicated... so any advice is appreciated.

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