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'94 Seville STS with high miles for $1300???

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Hello, yaa it's my first post ever on the Caddy Forums, I am a BMW guy.

Here's the deal, I am looking for another daily driver to beat around in as to keep the miles of the M3. I found a '94 Seville STS with 170,000 miles and a CLEAN title for $1600 and I can tell he's anxious so I'm sure I can knock $300 off the price. Seems like a damn good deal to me, the guy needs the cash and he has too many cars, which is why he's (apparantly) selling it for less than half the KBB value.

Anything tolook for with the high miles on this Caddy? I do most of my own car work so I'm no stranger to brakes, suspension, tranny's etc. He said the tranny doesn't slip and the car still runs great.

Any help would be great, thanks!

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2 major things:

1) Headgaskets, have a $100 test done at a dealer to check for hydrocarbons (exhaust byproducts) in the coolant, if the headbolts are pulled or the gasket leaking you're looking at a helluva repair job labor wise if you do it yourself and if you have a shop do it somewhere around 3k...

2) Transmission shift solenoids. This tranny is darn near bulletproof but the solenoids do fail and need to be replaced, if they have failed and haven't been replaced you're looking at another labor intensive and expensive repair/replacement.

Drive the car for 20 minutes on the highway, see if it overheats, make sure it shifts SMOOTHLY between all gears up and down, and then PULL ALL THE CODES. This is the best advice I can offer.

Other less critical components:

3) The suspension may be shot but you can install passive replacements for not too much.

4) Brakes may need a change, again not too bad.

5) Chances are the A/C compressor will need a replace if it hasn't been already and it's kinda pricey for the part but these are minor compared to 1 & 2 but if you expect a 100% caddy for $1300 w/170k you're prolly kidding yourself.

In conclusion if 1 & 2 are ok but the brakes need to be redone you're looking at $2-300 in parts, A/C compressor upwards of $6-900, and suspension $3-500 depending who you use, I would look it over carefully, goodluck!
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Thanks for the reply man, I wasn't expecting a perfect caddy at that price, but the notorious repairs are what I was looking for from the post and you offered some good advice! I'm not even sure if I am going to go test drive it, I just came across it and though it was one hell of a deal at that price, even if it needs the repairs done, it will fall within the price range of an good condition STS with high miles from the research I've done.
i spent $1000 for my 96 sts plus $1000 in repairs at 169,000 miles if it runs good buy that puppy up thats dirt cheap, btw the repairs where because this guy let his wife drive it once and she crashed it into the back of a pickup. You will love that STS it runs beautifully, but definitely test it major repairs cost major $$$$$$
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