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94 Fleetwood trip questions please.

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Hi guys,

Ok, the grey plastic trim piece on the front corner is off, it has been sense I got the car, I have the piece and it has about 5 or 6 posts in the back, I looked and it looks like I need some nuts to put it on, what kind and size of nuts do I need for this?

Also, the chrome strips on the door bottoms is on, but not super tight, is there a way to tighten them?

Thank you in advace!! Mark.
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Title should say TRIM. thanks for any help!!!!!!!!
I need that piece for the drivers side. Where did you get it?
It was in the trunk when I bought the car, so im not sure where the guy got it, sorry.
Mine is off. They want $55 for that piece from GM. Thanks.
55.00 dollars! dang, glad mine was in the trunk!

It looks like it uses just regular nuts and self threads, Guees no one knows?
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