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94 eldo power window failure

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How do I go about replacing either the motor or switch on the drivers side power window . Do I just pull off door panel > I cant find any fasteners
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To get to the motor, you first need to pry up and remove the power window switch plate. Also remove the door lock switch plate. There is one screw under that plate that will need to be removed. There is also one screw under the panel carpet, upper right hand corner. The carpet is help by a fastener that can be pryed up. Under there is the screw. After the are removed, pull the door panel up and away from the door.
thanks eldyfig it took about 2 hours to fix including going to the dealers for a new window motor ( 195 + tax)
Not bad time along as everything went smooth and no clips were broken. When I do my own work, I always take a little longer to do some things so I don't do anything carelessly that I will regret later. Other times, a job may take me longer because I am shooting too much breeze while working.

Ever seen the joke about the difference in time that a woman takes to get an oil change compared to a man?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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