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Hi all,
Not sure about this one. I've heard through the grapevine that we can add to our driver information center (DIC), specifically:
coolant temp -64
battery volts - 32
engine RPM - 16

The directions I found to do this, I believe are for OBD II and involve going to the IPC OVERRIDE and skipping down to IPS05 and then changing the factory preset value. When I tried this on my car, IPS05 was not an option. Can I really add the above to the DIC, or is this something that works only on OBDII vehicles? Thanks for any information.

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Hey theres a great post that was just posted in FWD DEVILLE FORUM THATS IS TITTLES SHAZAM I DID IT
it details exactly how to add those funtions to a pre 96 many people have done it and it works, i WAS scanning this forum hoping to fing the directions for a 96 and up, if u read this please post or send me a private message, I hope this helps.

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1994 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
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Hi Tommy,
Thanks, I was able to figure it out awhile ago. I think this is for 96 and up (OBDII), but proceed at your own risk:thepan: :
Option E (driver message center display options):
  • COOLANT TEMP message -- 64
  • BATTERY VOLTS message -- 32
  • ENGINE RPM (digital) message -- 16
  • AVG MPH message -- 8
  • MPH (digital) message -- 4
  • FUEL USED message -- 2
  • INST MPG message -- 1
Ignition is on (motor may or may not run).

Press and hold the [OFF] and [PASS WARMER] buttons simultaneously on your HVAC panel until the 'light show', a.k.a. segment check. Then watch the DTCs, if any, to scroll by, and then it'll stop and displays 'PCM?' on the DIC.

Skip that by pressing [FAN DOWN], and keep skipping until you'll see 'IPC?'. Select this one by pressing [FAN UP].

Skip the menu options 'IPC DATA?' and 'IPC INPUT?', and select ( [FAN UP] ) 'IPC OVERRIDE?'.

In 'IPC OVERRIDE', its various options with their numerical value in the right hand side corner of the DIC will then be displayed. Skip each one ( [FAN DOWN] ) until see Option E, which is IPS05.

You'll see a number ( 43 is the factory preset value) on the DIC. Increase that number by 68 ( 43 + 68 = 111) by pressing [PASS WARMER]. The DIC will display the new number. With [PASS COOLER] you can decrease that number, in case you've overshot.

Store the new value by pressing [A/C] and [FRONT DEFROST] simultaneously until the new number (111) on the DIC blinks once.

Exit diag mode.

Good luck.

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