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'94 DeVille Front Doors

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I repaired a sluggish electric door lock today. While I had the door apart I noticed that there is a sensor that plugs in on the inside of the front doors behind a slot above the door handle. Can anyone tell ne what it does?
thanks in advance.
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i dunno , getting ready to tear into my 94s right front door to probe around in there to see why my right side door lock is so lazy , only works 2 days a week
found the problem , appers to be a engineering problem at gm , there is a plastic rod that comes out of the soleniod and out to the area where the lock rod (that goes up the key tumbeler) goes on , at this area there is a rubber cup that fits into what looks like a plastic cam , the rubber deteriorates causeing the plastic rod (fromt he soleniod) to come out of its joint so the rod that comeout of the soleida just flops about when you press the button , i guess mine was going in and out of socket like the hips of a woman pregant for quints

ill post pics later
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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