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94 deville fender skirt

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does anyone know where i can get those 4" rear wheel well fender skirt extensions for 94-96 devilles? I have seen them on two seperate occasions and am wondering if they where individually fabricated or if someone accually manufactures and sells them? i cant find them anywhere except pictures on the net and I love that look and think it would really make my deville pop!
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Fender skirts were standard equipment (factory parts) on the 94-96 Deville Councours (uplevel model with Northstar). They can be bought from a dealer or a salvage yard, but will need to be painted unless you buy salvage parts that are the same color as your car.

Your other problem is that the Concours had different belt molding at the rear quarters and trailing edge of the rear door. The base Deville has a contour cut into the lower edge of the chrome moldings here, the Concours had no such "notch", it was the full width all the way back.

The notch in the base Deville molding will leave the upper edge of the skirt exposed resulting in an unfinished look, due to the gap that will show. Bottom line, only way to make this work is to also replace all the belt molding with the parts from a Concours - likely a VERY expensive proposition.

I looked at custom fabricating something to make this work a couple of years back for my 95, but it just wasn't worth the investment to do it right and make it look like it was stock. The metal work and plating would have run at least several hundred dollars (based on the rough design I sketched up at the time and showed to a shop that could do the work) and I still wasn't satisfied that it would look good enough to meet my impossibly high standards <chuckle>.

I know stoneage caddy also looked at doing this on his 94, not sure if he ever got around to it. Maybe he'll catch this thread and can offer his advice.

As with all such mods, your mileage may vary.

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oh man. ya i know exactly what your talking about with the different rear fenders. they are so close you can barely tell. that really sucks. im suprised i've only seen this twice and only on then on the net since it was standard. maybe the concourse wasnt popular in these years or something or maybe its my area they wernt popular. i dont know. oh well that sucks. thanks though. i appreciate it.
Yeah, I made the mistake of buying a pair for my Deville. I loved the look of them on my old '94 Concours, but didn't realize the fender was different on the Deville. So now I have a pair of white diamond fender skirts that I don't know what to do with!
yes i did go thru all the trouble and they are mounted to my 94 base deville ...once i find the thread ill post it here for ya

not only will you need the skirts from the concorse but also the hardware and brakets found on the mounting pads on the front side of the rear wheel wells ....not to mentiont he chrome strips fromt he rear doors of a standard deville to make chrome insterts for the skirts ...

plan to spend a day in the driveway
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