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94 Deville AC Blower motor replacement

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Recently my blower motor has developed such a vibration that you "cant hear your self think" to coin an expression. I dont know if the bushing/berings can be replaced. I love to know if this can be done, plrease let me know.

My initial problem is how to remove the blower motor from the car. The engine is a 4.9 if it makes a difference. I am sure there is a guru or two out there who has a trick or two up their sleave to get the blower out.

Thanks in advance, great forum.
Mike OConnor
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94 Deville AC Pully Bearing Question Help!

I have a 94 Deville with a loud AC Pully Bearing. Does any one know or has anyone replaced the bearing with out removing the AC Compressor. The AC works great and I dont want to have to remove the compressor. I have taken off the left front tire and the two splash shields. the frame is close to the cluch but it appears that it may be able to be removed with the minimal clearence. My next question is if I could massage the Pully off with a couple of two long screw drivers. I dont believe I could get a puller in there since the mounting bracket gives the pully next to no clearence.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I dont want to go to the dealer and pay an arm and a leg. They quoted me $300. labor alone to remove and replace the compressor and then there is still the charging.

Any advice will be appreciated.
Mike OConnor
dont pull the hoses from the compressor , as long as you dont loosen/disconect them you can do whatever you want

as for the blower motor , youll have to cut the case to remove it , look under the hood at the HVAC box , youll see a ciricular area , and it says something to the effect of "cut to remove blower motor"
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