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93 sts wont start

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My dad recently brought a 93 sts for me with 140k on it. Ive had the car about 3 weeks and one day i came home and parked. Well later on in the day i came back out to go somewhere and the car wouldnt start. The car wont even try to turn over. I know its not the battery as we tried another one. All the accessories come on like there supposed to but the car does nothing when i try to start it. The only thing i noticed is that the gas gauge goes all the way to empty when i turn the key to start it but the car has gas in it. Ive also had the key tested it that wasnt the problem. The screen at the bottom doesnt give me any messages either so i dont know what else to do.
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Sounds like two different problems. No start, is electrical if it won't even crank. Since you swapped batteries and still no start, I would take a good look at the cables for corrosion. Sometimes corrosion wil get under the insulation so check them out good. If that checks out ok, then have a look at the cable to the starter. The starter is under the intake manifold. Also make sure your ground cable is tight and clean.

The black smoke and poor fuel economy is indicitave of a leaky injector(s) or more likely the FPR.
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