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93 Sts Left Tail Light And Dash Lights

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HI GUYS I AM NEW TO THE THE FORUM. i finally got my first sts a 93 with 115k is my families 4th caddy. 76 eldo,89 sedan deville,86 seville. i love this car! but i bought it needing some work. the left tail light does not work and the dash lights and gear selector light do not work. i put in a new left tail light fuse and everything works no problem as soon as car taken out of park into reverse boom, blows fuse lose left tail lt and dash lights! i am baffled! is there a way to fix or bypass what tells auto lights to turn on when car taken out from park anyhow? please help guys i have big plans for this sts. thanks in advance. does any one have wiring diagram of left tail lt circuit? i have already replaced all bulbs and sockets on the left side tail lamps and reverse bulbs and sockets both sides
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You have a short to ground on left tail light or backup lights check the wireing to your new sochets, also remove any trailer wireing which is often a problem. sts96
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