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'93 STS -- Bose Head Unit size and replacement.

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Well, this will teach me for assuming... I just bought a nice Alpine din-and-a-half head unit from eBay. I got it yesterday and I was surprised to find that the head in my STS is NOT a din-and-a-half! I haven't had a GM car in a while and I thought that they were all that size...

So, what size head unit do I need to look for? There are only a couple double din, non-screen head units and I'm not a big fan of the single din with cubbyhole kits...

Also, I've got the service manual and it _looks_ like I can add a non-Bose head by feeding signal-level tunes and power/ground to the Bose part of the harness, is that true?

So, the head unit (A perfect condition Alpine CDA-D852) goes back on eBay and the search continues...
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The size is a double din. My friend has a Kennwood tapedeck and a seperate matching cd unit that fit perfectly in his infinity's stock bose hole. A pretty cool looking unit IMHO. I am sure that it's possible to put the non bose unit in, but I don't think it would be as easy as that.
Thanks for the info. I made money on the first head that I bought, so it's all good. So I'm assuming that an adapter kit for a standard DIN-sized head unit coudl include some kind of cubby hole or something to take up the extra space? Does anyone have any pics?
The Kennwood setup in the car I mentioned before is a single din cassette player and a single din cd player that communicates with the tape deck. If you wanted something like that, you wouldn't need a kit. Here is a site that lists a kit, it is identicle to the one for my 96 S10 Blazer. Walmart carries this exact model
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