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'93 STS (sold), now looking for a CTS Wagon soon!!
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There was a bit of a mystery....... My OEM Repair manuals arrived. It shows a 5th transmission bolt location, where I would of KILLED the Cadillac engineer!! It seems there is this bolt location, but I could not find the bolt!! I also looked at my 'new' engine block, and there was no place for this bolt to connect to......but the book shows it. I found out, there is another Northstar with this other bolt, which is located where you have to remove the RIGHT-SIDE wheel, get a swivel socket - 2, 2' extentions/with a universal between them, and A LOT OF LUCK to get at this bolt which goes from the BLOCK to the bellhousing...uh,....bolting the "other way". Located below the master cylinder area, ..and farther inside & under the back exhaust manifold.
As a newby owner, I now know there is a difference between the cubic inch Northstars.

Lucky me, I have the other one. The removal of the engine was EASY.

Well, after disconnecting all the crap, of course.

For what it's worth, I documented EVERY STEP on my digital camera, where these photos will guide you through all the little things, like remembering where the little wigit went..........was it above the wiring, or below it?

Every photo will take you through every step during a removal.

I am now up grading all the wiring protection, better hoses, modifying the air intake, upgrading the transmission cooler, getting race car heat shielding material to enhance the stupid heat shields, that are good for cutting up your hands......a new altinator, water pump, & an Ultima gell battery.

I'm going to use AmsOil 0-30 WT synthetic oil, dionized water and the REAL Toyota "red" coolant, flush the brakes, turn the rotors, ..trick out the injector & cam covers - paint or polish/seal......TBD.

Maybe it won't be finished be Halloween?
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