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'93 FWB rear window issues

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So I'm replacing the plastic window rollers. Fixed one side but the rear passenger window, all four broken! Problem is the window motor seems shot; I can't lower the arms to fix the plastic tabs.
There is No clicking from either main door switch or locally. Was working not long ago, I may have kept depressing the button too much in order to try to roll uneven window at one point.

How difficult is it to replace the motor; should I be checking other sources? All fuses checked. All other windows work fine. Please advice if you have come across similar issue....
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I haven't replaced one in a Caddy, but generally they're not difficult. But before you replace it, you'll want to check whether voltage is getting to the motor when you press the switch, to verify that the motor is the problem. If no voltage at the motor, start tracing the wire back toward the switch until you find the problem.
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