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93 Fleetwood Backup Lens Assembly

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Hello All,

I've repaired my backup lens assembly twice, dog ears broken off, on the ole 93 Fleetwood Brougham, 200K, and they are really looking faded and cracked now. I been searching on the net for some replacements for a couple days and can not find any. Does anyone have a source?

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I see them pop up on ebay every once and a while... just keep searching and hopefully you will find a nice set. Goodluck !
I priced them at a Cadillac dealer for 50.00 each I had already glued the ears on with epoxy glue and they lasted a few months. I had replaced my taillight lenses and the old ones were really covered with micro cracks. The new lenses made a big difference. One day I walked in the Cadillac parts dept looking for a air filter wing nut and the parts man said, you have a FW, do you want new taillight lenses? I said yep but I can't afford them now, he said he was supposed to throw them away because they were paid for and marked off and could not be sold, he said GM said toss them in the trash, SOoooo I took them in unopened boxes, a set. I replaced them and sold my old ones on ebay that night for 20 a set. Get new back up lights, they will be really clearer than the old ones. Good luck finding the lights. TexasCadillac
I used metal brackets I bent to fit close and then use stuff that you see at the parts store with a ball and a penny in it that is as hard as steel. Pretty good stuff.

The key is a good solid place for it to adhere to, some areas that it can be pushed up in and be captive.

My pass side fell out the day I bought it and washed it.... Mine have been in over a year now with no issues.
Thanks for the information! I'll keep looking!!

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