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93 Aftermarket Rear Air Ride Struts

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My 93 Sedan Deville has a leaking rear strut. It is equiped with the air ride suspension. I'm looking for suggestions on vendors and brands if anybody can help me.
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I replaced mine 2 years ago with Monroe air struts from Advance Auto Parts. No problems. A snap to install.
yup, Monroe Sensastract is what I put in the '93 Coupe, the computer still controls the leveling. I replaced the front also, no more speed sensative suspension, not that it worked anyway.... ride is alot better, and the origanal air struts were damaged, causing the back end to sag... now she is level

Just be sure to get a 4 wheel alignment done after replacing any struts.
hey Nitro Caddy .... what is the Monroe Part Number Im trying to Order it Now it a real air shock like the O.E.M one?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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