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92 STS Fuel gauge,headlight problem

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First post here. I hope you guys can help me.
We have a 92 cad. STS. Today the fuel gauge dropped to empty and won't budge. I filled up the tank and it still registers as empty. The dash display also said service needed on the airbag (can't remember the exact phrasing). Then when my wife drove it home tonight she noticed the headlights wont come on at all but she could get the running lights to come on.

I am new to the whole mechanics area but am trying to start learning to save some $$$$. I replaced the rear air shocks myself two weeks ago and would like to try and tackle this problem too if it is not beyond my ability (which is limited).

So do all these items have the same fuse? or what could cause this problem? It is snowing tonight so I will have to look at it tomorrow.
TIA for all you help!
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Welcome to the forums.

The fuse should be the first thing you should look at for the fuel gauge malfunction. If your 92 is similar to most later models, there is a fuse panel in the engine bay and another in the trunk. I am not exactly sure in which panel the fuel gauge fuse is located. If you still have your owner's manual, it should tell you in there. Do you know how to tell a blown fuse from a good one?

About the airbag message, check for codes and post them back here. To get codes, start the engine (technically, you only need the ignition on, but you have a better chance of capturing current codes with the engine running), press and hold the A/C OFF button and the WARMER (red) button at the same time until your display lights up. Any codes stored will start showing up in the display beneath your speedometer. Copy these codes down. Testing is done when "PCM?" is displayed. To get out of the system press AUTO or just turn the engine off.
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It was a fuse I finally found it. I tried the code thing you recommended and got two different "history codes" and another current code R061. After the fuse was replaced I don't get the "service system inflatable restraint" message anymore. But I still get "service ride control". I don't know if this is because I put aftermarket shocks in the back. Is there a way to turn this message off? Thanks again for your help.
R061 ... SIR Indicator Circuit Failure

This was the code for your Airbag. It should now be a history code. It is not neccessary to clear the code, but if you want to follow the directions here:

No other codes? The SRC message is from the aftermarket shocks. Somewhere on these forums, I believe there is a fix for that message.
That's great to know thanks!
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